CASALC Review 1/2015-2016

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Psychological and creative approaches to language teaching

Maria del Carmen Arau Ribeiro: Crossing Disciplines: Interdisciplinary Practice in Higher Education

Eva Trumpešová-Rudolfová: Emotional Intelligence in Foreign Language Acquisition

Enrica Rigamonti and Anila R. Scott-Monkhouse: Raising Self-Awareness and Developing Intercultural Competence by Activating Personal Filters

Lorena Marchetti and Peter Cullen: A Multimodal Approach in the Classroom for Creative Learning and Teaching

Irena Zavrl: Personalisierung des Fremdsprachenlernens als besondere Lernoption

Monika Ševečková: Роль лингвистическои игры в формировании речевых компетенции студента при изучении русского языка как иностранного

Ludmila Waschak: Interkulturalita ve výuce jazyků na Vysoké škole Burgenland

Focus on LSP

Jozefa Artimová: In what respect are they similar?: A practical guide to adjectives with -ideus in anatomical terminology

Libor Švanda: Master Claretus’ Early Didactic Writings on Medicine

Alexandra Csongor and Anikó Hambuch: Rhetorical Moves in Medical Research Articles and their Online Popularizations

Katalin Fogarasi and Philipp Schneider: How the Incorrect Use of a Medical Genre and Terminology can result in Erroneous Legal Judgements

Paul Cooper: Micro-teaching: Concepts of Law: The Concept of Consideration in Contract Formation in Common Law Contracts

Rachel Lindner: Developing communicative competence in global virtual teams: A multiliteracies approach to telecollaboration for students of business and economics

Markéta Denksteinová and Stellan Sundh: Video conferencing in Teaching Cross-cultural Competences

Quality management and assessment

Sophia Butt: Authenticity in ESAP Course Design: Managing Departmental & Student Expectations

Tuula Lehtonen, Johanna Vaattovaara and Johanna Manner-Kivipuro: Removing the barriers to research engagement – teacher motivation for research-based teaching development in language centres

Jitka Žváčková: Quality Assurance: A Balancing Act

Aurora Biedma Torrecillas, Lola Chamorro Guerrero, Alfonso Martínez Baztán, Adolfo Sánchez Cuadrado and Sonia Sánchez Molero: eLADE: The University of Granada Bi-level B1/B2 Accreditation Exam. Construction and Validation Process

Martina Hulešová: On the Effect of Using Different Scoring Methods for Two Versions of a Test